26 September 2016

Ground-breaking for new Nätschen gondola

Today, the replacement lift of the 2-person fixed chairlift on Nätschen finally begun construction. The lift is expected to open in 2017, The Andermatt Gallery understands.

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15 September 2016

Two new lifts under construction for 2016 opening, rest of the project delayed again

The long-awaited 6-person detachable chairlift at the Oberalppass will be opening in December. It has been under construction for the past two years. Meanwhile, on Nätschen, a 6-person detachable chairlift replacing the Grossboden T-bar will also be completed.

The rest of the project has been further delayed, with none of the other lifts expected until 2017, in part due to a planning application problem, The Andermatt Gallery understands. Construction for the new gondola on Nätschen is expected to begin later this month, although it is not expected to be finished in time for the December opening.

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3 April 2016

Sedrun / Oberalp closed, Alpsu t-bar used for the last time

Yesterday was the last day for the Sedrun / Oberalp ski area in the 2015/16 ski season. The Alpsu t-bar is due to be dismantled over the summer, and replaced with a new 6-person detachable chairlift.

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28 March 2016

Nätschen lifts close for the last time ever

Today, the Nätschen skiing mountain closed for this ski season, after having had its opening extended due to good snowfall. The closure has meant that the ski lifts have seen their last passengers before being dismantled.

The 2-person chairlift on Nätschen is slow and outdated.

2 January 2016

New year for a new Andermatt

2016 is a special year for Andermatt, as it is the first complete year in which there is a new ski lift operating on Gemsstock for 33 years. It is the first complete year that there is a new lift on either Gemsstock or Nätschen for 21 years, and is the first complete year that there is a new lift in the whole ski area for nine years.

How Gemsstock now looks after the transformation.

15 November 2015

Welcome to the new Andermatt Gallery

Welcome to the newly revamped Andermatt Gallery. We have a new website URL, and we are combining both of our old websites, as well as creating a new logo and colour scheme.

Our new logo

5 December 2014

Chedi Reopens After Five Weeks

Today, the Chedi Hotel has reopened after having been closed for five weeks.

The Chedi Hotel viewed from Nätschen.

20 November 2014

Oberalp to Open a Week Early

The Sedrun / Oberalp skiing area will be open for this coming weekend, a week earlier than originally planned, following the good snowfall over the past few months.

The Alpsu T-bar will be opened on Saturday.

13 November 2014

Gemsstock to Open Top Cable Car

The Gurschen - Gemsstock cable car will be opened this weekend, following the early opening last week.

The Gemsstock skiing area.

7 November 2014

Gemsstock to Open a Week Early

Gemsstock will open for this weekend, a week earlier than originally planned. This is a new record for Andermatt, as the resort has never opened this early before.

Gemsstock will open a week early after very good snowfall.