31 December 2012

Ski Runs All Open

The ski runs have been open for the best part of the month now, with all lifts (apart from the Gurschenalp T-bar) being opened, and all the runs open.

The Nätschen-Gütch chairlift.

20 November 2012

Ski Season Arrived in Andermatt

With Gemsstock having opened a few weeks ago, and Nätschen set to open in less than a two weeks time it is looking like another successful winter.

Nätschen's winter.

16 October 2012

Snow Already in Andermatt

This year, as with a few other years, snow has come early to Andermatt. The snow has been falling heavily in Andermatt for a few days. This is a good sign for the people of Andermatt, as well as frequent tourists and skiers there.

Winter in Andermatt.

16 September 2012

The Melting Gemsstock Glacier

What was once a vast glacier, the Gemsstock Glacier is now a small, thin sheet of ice. The Gemsstock Glacier is now diminishing faster than ever. The glacier has sunk approximately 30 metres in the past 20 years. Most likely due to global warming.

1 September 2012

How the Alpina Hotel Burnt

Located on the Oberalpstrasse, just on the border of Andermatt, the Alpina Hotel has had a difficult history, and has recently had a fire. The damages that the fire has caused has meant that the hotel is having to be completely refurbished.

14 August 2012

The Andermatt Project in Pictures

Here are some pictures of the Andermatt project and development. Click on the pictures to see them enlarged.

About the Golf Course

As part of the Andermatt project, one of the biggest things made will be a new golf course. Scheduled to open in 2014, the new golf course has 18 holes, and covers a total of 321 acres of land.

The golf course also features a 6 hole practise facility, and a luxury golfer's clubhouse.

3 August 2012

About the Radisson Blu Hotel

The Radisson Blu Hotel will be a 4* luxury hotel built in the new developments in Andermatt, built by Besix. Owned by the Rezidor Hotel Group, the Radisson Blu Hotel will feature nearly 50 hotel rooms, and over 150 apartments.

The Radisson Blu Hotel.

2 August 2012

About the Chedi Hotel

The Chedi Hotel is one of Andermatt's main attractions in the new developments. The Chedi Hotel has been designed by Denniston International Architects, and has been designed so as to blend in with the scenery and mountainous landscape in all weather, seasons, and at every time of the day.

The grand entrance of the Chedi Hotel.

14 June 2012

Summer Season Set to Start

This year's summer season in Andermatt is nearly here. With all snow having disappeared, construction on the new buildings ready to crack on, and the Oberalppass opened there is definitely a hint of summer arriving.

Summer in Andermatt.

27 May 2012

Time for Gemsstock to Move On

Gemsstock, located on the south side of Andermatt at up to 3000 metres above sea, is in desperate need of a revamp.

The ski lifts are dated and slow.

23 May 2012

The Plans for the Ski Area

Towards the end of 2010 the ski area master plan for the new resort was released. This plan shows all the new runs, lifts, and restaurants that will be built. The master plan has been modified at least twice but remains more or less the same.

The latest master plan.

22 May 2012

Are the Developments Really Worth It?

In 2004 Egyptian billionaire Samih Sawiris came to Andermatt with a new vision for the future. Andermatt, which was once a top resort, is a dying village. The atmosphere is no longer lively, people are leaving, and the ski slopes are dated. This vision is a new luxury resort, with plenty of 4-5* hotels and apartments, villas, and houses. The ski slopes are to be revamped, with all of the lifts being replaced, and a new 18 hole golf course is to be built.

A computer generated image of what the new village will look like.