31 December 2013

The Plans for the Railway Station

Andermatt railway station is going to be completely revamped, in line with the Andermatt Swiss Alps plans.

A computer generated image of the future Andermatt.

29 December 2013

All Skiing Mountains Fully Open

All of the skiing mountains in the Skiarena Andermatt-Sedrun are now open fully.

The map of the skiing areas.

21 December 2013

Many Ski Runs Now Open

The majority of the ski lifts in the Gotthard Oberalp Arena are now operational, with most of the runs being open.

The ski runs of Gemsstock.

20 December 2013

The Chedi Opens to Public

Today, the Chedi Hotel has finally opened to the public. The hotel is the most luxurious of all of the hotels being built as part of the Andermatt Swiss Alps plans.

The complete Chedi Hotel.

14 December 2013

New Bus Stops at the Alpina

The ski bus is a popular bus running around Andermatt in the winter months, to take residents and tourists around from and to the railway station, cable car station, and the Wyler.

The Andermatt ski bus.

7 December 2013

The Chedi is Ready

The new luxury 5 star Chedi Hotel is now opening. The hotel, one of the first parts of the Andermatt Swiss Alps project, has had its opening celebrations, and will fully open to the public on 20 December.

The new Chedi hotel is the first and most luxurious of the Andermatt Swiss Alps resort.

30 November 2013

Nätschen and Sedrun Open for Skiing

Today, Nätschen and Sedrun have opened for the 2013/14 ski season. They have not opened fully, like Gemsstock, which opened earlier this month.

Some of the slopes at Sedrun.

16 November 2013

Gemsstock Opens for Skiing

Today, Gemsstock has opened for the 2013/14 ski season. The mountain has received good snowfall right from the beginning of the Swiss winter.

Gemsstock always has plenty of snow.

12 November 2013

Future Ski Area Map

As part of the Andermatt Swiss Alps project, there will be new ski lifts constructed, along with a few new runs. The current plans for the ski area have not been changed for the time being, however, we have produced a map which shows how the ski area could look in 10 years time.

The current lifts are very dated. This lift (Andermatt - Nätschen) was built in 1983.

Heavy Snowfall in Andermatt with Gemsstock Nearly Ready

In Andermatt there is currently very heavy snowfall, and with Gemsstock opening in just four days, it looks like a good sign for a successful winter.

25 October 2013

Construction in Andermatt Under Way With Increasing Sales

The construction of Samih Sawiris' Andermatt resort seems to be speeding up, after a slow start, with sales of more apartments and villas increasing.

A computer generated image of how Andermatt will look after the expansion.

21 October 2013

Andermatt is Exempt from 'Lex Koller'

A Swiss law named Lex Koller means non-Swiss people are not able to simply buy property. However, in the development of Andermatt, this is not a problem. The law is being lifted from Andermatt for approximately the next 20 years, while the Andermatt Swiss Alps project gets off its feet.

19 October 2013

New Lift Construction Starting in Summer 2014 as Plans Get Changed

It has been decided that the construction of the ski lifts and runs on Nätschen will not be starting until summer 2014. The full approval for the construction went ahead earlier this year, and lately a new master plan for the ski area has been released.

The latest plans for the ski area.

17 October 2013

Andermatt 'Summer' Ended With Winter Starting

A cold summer in Andermatt has now ended, with the harsh, bitter winter weather now starting to form. Last year's winter was more than successful, with the continuous snowfall lasting for months. It looks as if this year could be another year of good skiing.

The snowfall in Andermatt is very often plentiful.

29 September 2013

Ski Season Dates for 2013/14

The scheduled opening times for the 2013/14 ski season have been released. These dates are currently provisional, and may vary according to the snow fall. Over the past few years snowfall has been very good at first.

Andermatt during the winter, as seen from Nätschen.

14 September 2013

Alpina Hotel Complete With New Restaurant

The Alpina Hotel, which burnt down in 2012, reopened a couple of months ago, after having a major renovation, which not only greatly improved the hotel, but also the previously frowned upon restaurant.

30 August 2013

Orascom Makes Loss of 19 Million Francs

Orascom Hotels and Developments has made a large loss of 19 million Swiss francs. The reports say that share prices have dropped by a long way.

19 June 2013

Environmental Groups Withdraw Complaints

Previously, five environmental groups had submitted complaints regarding the construction of the new ski lifts in Andermatt. Although there was large potential for this to jeopardise the construction of the ski area.

The ski lifts in Andermatt are old, and are in need of replacing.

14 June 2013

The Chedi Hotel to Open in December, Bookings Now Being Taken

The Chedi Hotel will open on 8 December later this year. Bookings can now be booked on the GHM website. The Chedi Hotel is one of Andermatt's biggest accommodation developments, and has been design by Denniston International Architects to be one of the the most luxurious hotels in Europe. More information about the hotel can be found in a previous article, and on the Chedi Hotel website.

The Chedi Hotel, which opens in December.

1 June 2013

Horrific Weather Continues in Andermatt

Andermatt has had the worst weather for this time of year, for many years. Temperatures continue to fall below 0 degrees Celsius, and snow is continuing to fall, along with some more snow being forecast.

Andermatt in the summer.

26 April 2013

Ski Area Plans Receive Environmental Complaints

The plans to update and upgrade the ski area in Andermatt have have received negative feedback from 5 environmental protection groups. This has presented problems for the designers of the new ski area.

The master plan for the Gotthard Oberalp Arena.

21 April 2013

Gemsstock Closes Skiing in 2013

Today is Gemsstock's last day open for skiing, until late November / December later this year. This year's successful snowfall has allowed it to stay open, with relatively decent snow, up until now.

The view of Gemsstock from Nätschen.

7 April 2013

Sedrun Shuts Down for the Summer

Today, the ski area of Sedrun and Oberalp shut down for the summer. The ski area has 15 runs, and one additional sledge run.

The base of the chairlift in Dieni.

The ski area is approximately the same height as Nätschen, but the relative location of the sun is what allows it to stay open longer than Nätschen.

1 April 2013

Updated Ski Master Plan Released

An updated master plan for the revamping of the Gotthard Oberalp Arena has been released by the directors in charge of designing the master plan, along with Orascom Hotels and Developments, and the environmental organizations. There are not many major alterations with the new plans, however, there are some which will have a significant effect.

The latest master plan for the Gotthard Oberalp Arena.

Nätschen Closes, Some Lifts for the Last Time

Today, Nätschen will put its chairs away for the last time this year. The decision was made to keep it open an extra 8 days, so it is open for the Easter weekend, thus reducing traffic on Gemsstock. More information about this can be found in our previous article. However, with Orascom Hotels and Developments plans to expand and upgrade Andermatt, it could be the last time some lifts are open.

The Andermatt - Nätschen lift might be put into retirement and dismantled.

26 March 2013

Nätschen to Stay Open Longer than Planned

The ski area of Nätschen, which is located on the north-east side of Andermatt, is to stay open until the 1 April this year. Normally, Nätschen shuts down early, in the middle of March. This year, Nätschen was scheduled to shut on the 24 March, however, due to the good snowfall, the decision was made to keep the 4 lifts open until after the Easter weekend.

The Nätschen skiing area.

24 February 2013

The Matterhorn Gotthard Railways

Updated 8 March and 3 April. Andermatt is located at the very heart of the Swiss Alps. Because of this, it is not surprising that is has one the most efficient railway services in the world, which can sometimes prove to be vital, in particular during the winter, where there are few roads open, due to the snow and ice.

Andermatt railway station.

2 January 2013

The Guide to a Day Skiing in Andermatt

Part 2. Here is a guide to a day's skiing in Andermatt. It has been made to give you the best of Andermatt in 2013!

Gemsstock in the winter.

1 January 2013

The Guide to a Day Skiing in Andermatt

Part 1. Here is a guide to a day's skiing in Andermatt. It has been made to give you the best of Andermatt in 2013!

Gemsstock in the winter.

When you wake up in the morning, wherever you are staying in Andermatt, it is just a small walk away from the bakery, located at the roundabout. The bread there is delicious, and light, and the croissants are top quality too.