26 April 2013

Ski Area Plans Receive Environmental Complaints

The plans to update and upgrade the ski area in Andermatt have have received negative feedback from 5 environmental protection groups. This has presented problems for the designers of the new ski area.

The master plan for the Gotthard Oberalp Arena.

21 April 2013

Gemsstock Closes Skiing in 2013

Today is Gemsstock's last day open for skiing, until late November / December later this year. This year's successful snowfall has allowed it to stay open, with relatively decent snow, up until now.

The view of Gemsstock from Nätschen.

7 April 2013

Sedrun Shuts Down for the Summer

Today, the ski area of Sedrun and Oberalp shut down for the summer. The ski area has 15 runs, and one additional sledge run.

The base of the chairlift in Dieni.

The ski area is approximately the same height as Nätschen, but the relative location of the sun is what allows it to stay open longer than Nätschen.

1 April 2013

Updated Ski Master Plan Released

An updated master plan for the revamping of the Gotthard Oberalp Arena has been released by the directors in charge of designing the master plan, along with Orascom Hotels and Developments, and the environmental organizations. There are not many major alterations with the new plans, however, there are some which will have a significant effect.

The latest master plan for the Gotthard Oberalp Arena.

Nätschen Closes, Some Lifts for the Last Time

Today, Nätschen will put its chairs away for the last time this year. The decision was made to keep it open an extra 8 days, so it is open for the Easter weekend, thus reducing traffic on Gemsstock. More information about this can be found in our previous article. However, with Orascom Hotels and Developments plans to expand and upgrade Andermatt, it could be the last time some lifts are open.

The Andermatt - Nätschen lift might be put into retirement and dismantled.