19 June 2013

Environmental Groups Withdraw Complaints

Previously, five environmental groups had submitted complaints regarding the construction of the new ski lifts in Andermatt. Although there was large potential for this to jeopardise the construction of the ski area.

The ski lifts in Andermatt are old, and are in need of replacing.

14 June 2013

The Chedi Hotel to Open in December, Bookings Now Being Taken

The Chedi Hotel will open on 8 December later this year. Bookings can now be booked on the GHM website. The Chedi Hotel is one of Andermatt's biggest accommodation developments, and has been design by Denniston International Architects to be one of the the most luxurious hotels in Europe. More information about the hotel can be found in a previous article, and on the Chedi Hotel website.

The Chedi Hotel, which opens in December.

1 June 2013

Horrific Weather Continues in Andermatt

Andermatt has had the worst weather for this time of year, for many years. Temperatures continue to fall below 0 degrees Celsius, and snow is continuing to fall, along with some more snow being forecast.

Andermatt in the summer.