25 October 2013

Construction in Andermatt Under Way With Increasing Sales

The construction of Samih Sawiris' Andermatt resort seems to be speeding up, after a slow start, with sales of more apartments and villas increasing.

A computer generated image of how Andermatt will look after the expansion.

21 October 2013

Andermatt is Exempt from 'Lex Koller'

A Swiss law named Lex Koller means non-Swiss people are not able to simply buy property. However, in the development of Andermatt, this is not a problem. The law is being lifted from Andermatt for approximately the next 20 years, while the Andermatt Swiss Alps project gets off its feet.

19 October 2013

New Lift Construction Starting in Summer 2014 as Plans Get Changed

It has been decided that the construction of the ski lifts and runs on N├Ątschen will not be starting until summer 2014. The full approval for the construction went ahead earlier this year, and lately a new master plan for the ski area has been released.

The latest plans for the ski area.

17 October 2013

Andermatt 'Summer' Ended With Winter Starting

A cold summer in Andermatt has now ended, with the harsh, bitter winter weather now starting to form. Last year's winter was more than successful, with the continuous snowfall lasting for months. It looks as if this year could be another year of good skiing.

The snowfall in Andermatt is very often plentiful.