5 December 2014

Chedi Reopens After Five Weeks

Today, the Chedi Hotel has reopened after having been closed for five weeks.

The Chedi Hotel viewed from Nätschen.

20 November 2014

Oberalp to Open a Week Early

The Sedrun / Oberalp skiing area will be open for this coming weekend, a week earlier than originally planned, following the good snowfall over the past few months.

The Alpsu T-bar will be opened on Saturday.

13 November 2014

Gemsstock to Open Top Cable Car

The Gurschen - Gemsstock cable car will be opened this weekend, following the early opening last week.

The Gemsstock skiing area.

7 November 2014

Gemsstock to Open a Week Early

Gemsstock will open for this weekend, a week earlier than originally planned. This is a new record for Andermatt, as the resort has never opened this early before.

Gemsstock will open a week early after very good snowfall.

27 October 2014

Chedi Closes for Autumn Break

Today the Chedi Hotel has closed for five weeks, until it reopens on 5 December.

The Chedi Hotel opened last December.

22 October 2014

Andermatt has First Snowfall of the Season

Andermatt has had its first snowfall of the 2014/15 winter. It has come very early, but this is not unusual for this area of the Alps.

The Chedi Hotel posted this photo of the snow.

18 August 2014

New Hydroelectric Power Station to be Built in Realp

A new 17.5 million CHF hydroelectric power station will be built in Realp, a village just a short way down the valley from Andermatt.

Realp, with Hospental, Andermatt, and Nätschen visible behind it, and Gemsstock on the right.

17 August 2014

Ski Season Dates for 2014/15

The scheduled opening times for the 2014/15 ski season have been announced.

Andermatt in the winter.

16 August 2014

Chedi Scheduled to Close for Five Weeks

The Chedi Hotel, which opened last December, is scheduled to close for over five weeks between October and December.

Andermatt in the winter, with the newly built Chedi Hotel.

14 August 2014

Details for the Ski Area Released

Details for the 200 million CHF costing SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun development have been released.

The plans for the ski area.

4 August 2014

How Could the Combined Installation Work on Nätschen?

There are plans to build new ski lifts on Nätschen, including a new gondola from Andermatt to the middle of the mountain, and a combined chairlift and gondola taking skiers all the way to the top. The combined installation may allow Nätschen to stay open for skiers for longer.

The chairlift the combined lift will be replacing.

2 August 2014

Could a Gondola Connect Gemsstock and Nätschen?

The idea of a large gondola connecting Andermatt's two skiing mountains, Gemsstock and Nätschen, was originally on the plans, but large costs and difficult construction mean that it cannot happen. But what would it be like if it were built?

A similar gondola was built in Canada in 2008.

15 July 2014

Chedi Adds Twenty Percent More Tourists

The new 5 star Chedi Hotel opened last December. Since then, it has brought in an extra 20% more tourists in Andermatt.

The Chedi complex.

11 June 2014

Ski Area Plans Approved

The plans for the construction of the new ski lifts has had the final approval now. The transport office believes that the project complies with all legal requirements.

The sample chair at Oberalppass.

7 June 2014

Nearly 100 Homes Sold

It is reported that 94 housing units built / to be built have been sold by Andermatt Swiss Alps. 21 of these are apartments in the Chedi complex.

Andermatt in the winter.

4 May 2014

Gemsstock Closes for 2013/14

Gemsstock has now closed for the 2013/14 ski season. The snow has been melting a lot lately, with the glacier runs being shut to be covered.

The chairlift on Gemsstock.

25 April 2014

More Snow Forecast for Top of Gemsstock

Weather forecasts are predicting yet more snow for the top of Gemsstock, which sits at just under 3000m.

22 April 2014

Sedrun / Oberalp closed for 2013/14

The skiing area of Sedrun / Oberalp closed yesterday for this ski season. It will reopen at around December, possibly with a new ski lift.

One of the slow 4-man chairlifts which run from Val Val.

15 April 2014

Would Rossbodenstock Make a Good Skiing Area?

Rossbodenstock is a mountain between Gemsstock, Nätschen, and Oberalp. Could a new ski area on this mountain be achieved?

Rossbodenstock could be used for skiing.

13 April 2014

Is a Connection With Disentis a Possibility?

The Disentis skiing area lies just above Sedrun, even though the villages themselves are a fair distance along the valley. Would a new connection be a new way of expanding the resorts, and open up new opportunities?

The Disentis skiing area.

12 April 2014

Yet More Sun Forecast for Coming Week

Even more sunny weather has been forecasted for the coming week, according to weather reports. There has been a lot of sunny weather in Andermatt recently, although this is not surprising at this time of the year.

11 April 2014

Does the Dieni Chairlift Need Replacing?

The current Dieni - Milez chairlift was installed in 1994. It is a 4-man detachable (high speed) chairlift, and it is capable of transporting up to 2400 people up the mountain per hour, when all of the chairs are placed on the line.

The Dieni - Milez chairlift, with Milez (foreground) and parts of Sedrun (background).

7 April 2014

Majority of Sedrun Closed

The majority of Sedrun / Oberalp has been forced shut, due to the warm temperatures melting the snow. The only things which remain open now, are the T-bar at Oberalppass, and the first chairlift from Val Val.

The ski area at Sedrun / Oberalp.

5 April 2014

Gemsstock Village Run Now Shut

The village run on Gemsstock has now closed. The snow has been rapidly melting in Andermatt, recently, with very little snow left in the village.

The village run on Gemsstock, when it is covered in snow.

1 April 2014

Could Winterhorn be Reopened and Developed?

Winterhorn was a small skiing area, which was shut down in 2008. Located in Hospental, this mountain was not particularly interesting, but has large potential to be developed, should it reopen.

Winterhorn, as seen from Andermatt.

31 March 2014

Oberalp Preparing for New Chairlift

This summer the construction of a new chairlift at Oberalppass should commence, should all go according to plan. A sample chair is available to sit on at the base of the existing Alpsu T-bar.

The new sample chair.

30 March 2014

Nätschen Closes for this Year

Today, Nätschen closed for the last time this ski season.

Nätschen's skiing area.

21 March 2014

Changes in Andermatt this Year

Updated 25 March. This ski season there have been many changes made in Andermatt, particularly with the ski area having been purchased by Andermatt Swiss Alps.

New magic carpets are in place on Nätschen.

19 March 2014

Nätschen Black Runs Close

The two black runs on Nätschen have now closed for this ski season. They often shut early, as the snow can wear quite thin very quickly, due to their steep nature.

The black runs on Nätschen are now closed.

15 March 2014

Sunny Weather Forecasted until End of March

The weather forecasts for Andermatt are currently saying that it will remain sunny until the end of March. This extends the sunny weather previously predicted.

Sunny weather in Andermatt.

13 March 2014

Why a Gondola on Nätschen is Good

In a few years time, construction of a new 8-man gondola lift on Nätschen will start. It will replace the current slow 2-man chairlift which runs from Andermatt up to the middle of Nätschen.

The current chairlift is old and slow, and will not cope with the new demand.

11 March 2014

Sunny Weather Forecasted for a Week

The weather forecast in Andermatt for the next week is currently entirely sunny. This is good for skiing, although it could result in a lot of the snow melting away.

The snowy winter in Andermatt.

10 March 2014

Chedi Reported to be Sixty Percent Full

The Chedi has been reported to be approximately 50% to 60% full on average, since opening in December.

The luxurious Chedi hotel.

2 March 2014

All Runs Open with More Snow Forecast

All of the runs on all mountains are currently open, with the snow looking very good still, although it is melting increasingly now, as we get into March.

Nätschen is scheduled to stay open until 30 March, however if the snow is good it may be kept open a little longer, as it did last year.

6 February 2014

All Runs Re-Opened

All of the runs on Gemsstock and Nätschen have re-opened after having been shut for several days. All of the lifts are operational, other than the Gurschenalp T-bar on Gemsstock, which is only used during extremely busy times.

3 February 2014

Most of Nätschen and Top of Gemsstock Shut

Currently, the whole of Nätschen is shut, with the exception of the 2-man chairlift running from Andermatt, and the road run.

31 January 2014

Lots of Snow in Andermatt with Extreme Weather Expected

There is a lot of snow on the slopes of the Gotthard Oberalp Arena at the moment, with up to 4 metres in some places.

The current snow conditions on Nätschen, looking onto Gemsstock.

19 January 2014

Andermatt Recognised as Top Holiday Destination

The New York Times has listed Andermatt as 33 out of 52 top holiday destinations in 2014. The list can be seen here.

The rope bridge at the top of Gemsstock.

14 January 2014

Chedi Plunged into Problems

The brand new, luxury hotel, the Chedi, which opened last month, has hit numerous problems already.

The Chedi Hotel opened last month.