31 March 2014

Oberalp Preparing for New Chairlift

This summer the construction of a new chairlift at Oberalppass should commence, should all go according to plan. A sample chair is available to sit on at the base of the existing Alpsu T-bar.

The new sample chair.

30 March 2014

Nätschen Closes for this Year

Today, Nätschen closed for the last time this ski season.

Nätschen's skiing area.

21 March 2014

Changes in Andermatt this Year

Updated 25 March. This ski season there have been many changes made in Andermatt, particularly with the ski area having been purchased by Andermatt Swiss Alps.

New magic carpets are in place on Nätschen.

19 March 2014

Nätschen Black Runs Close

The two black runs on Nätschen have now closed for this ski season. They often shut early, as the snow can wear quite thin very quickly, due to their steep nature.

The black runs on Nätschen are now closed.

15 March 2014

Sunny Weather Forecasted until End of March

The weather forecasts for Andermatt are currently saying that it will remain sunny until the end of March. This extends the sunny weather previously predicted.

Sunny weather in Andermatt.

13 March 2014

Why a Gondola on Nätschen is Good

In a few years time, construction of a new 8-man gondola lift on Nätschen will start. It will replace the current slow 2-man chairlift which runs from Andermatt up to the middle of Nätschen.

The current chairlift is old and slow, and will not cope with the new demand.

11 March 2014

Sunny Weather Forecasted for a Week

The weather forecast in Andermatt for the next week is currently entirely sunny. This is good for skiing, although it could result in a lot of the snow melting away.

The snowy winter in Andermatt.

10 March 2014

Chedi Reported to be Sixty Percent Full

The Chedi has been reported to be approximately 50% to 60% full on average, since opening in December.

The luxurious Chedi hotel.

2 March 2014

All Runs Open with More Snow Forecast

All of the runs on all mountains are currently open, with the snow looking very good still, although it is melting increasingly now, as we get into March.

Nätschen is scheduled to stay open until 30 March, however if the snow is good it may be kept open a little longer, as it did last year.