25 April 2014

More Snow Forecast for Top of Gemsstock

Weather forecasts are predicting yet more snow for the top of Gemsstock, which sits at just under 3000m.

22 April 2014

Sedrun / Oberalp closed for 2013/14

The skiing area of Sedrun / Oberalp closed yesterday for this ski season. It will reopen at around December, possibly with a new ski lift.

One of the slow 4-man chairlifts which run from Val Val.

15 April 2014

Would Rossbodenstock Make a Good Skiing Area?

Rossbodenstock is a mountain between Gemsstock, N├Ątschen, and Oberalp. Could a new ski area on this mountain be achieved?

Rossbodenstock could be used for skiing.

13 April 2014

Is a Connection With Disentis a Possibility?

The Disentis skiing area lies just above Sedrun, even though the villages themselves are a fair distance along the valley. Would a new connection be a new way of expanding the resorts, and open up new opportunities?

The Disentis skiing area.

12 April 2014

Yet More Sun Forecast for Coming Week

Even more sunny weather has been forecasted for the coming week, according to weather reports. There has been a lot of sunny weather in Andermatt recently, although this is not surprising at this time of the year.

11 April 2014

Does the Dieni Chairlift Need Replacing?

The current Dieni - Milez chairlift was installed in 1994. It is a 4-man detachable (high speed) chairlift, and it is capable of transporting up to 2400 people up the mountain per hour, when all of the chairs are placed on the line.

The Dieni - Milez chairlift, with Milez (foreground) and parts of Sedrun (background).

7 April 2014

Majority of Sedrun Closed

The majority of Sedrun / Oberalp has been forced shut, due to the warm temperatures melting the snow. The only things which remain open now, are the T-bar at Oberalppass, and the first chairlift from Val Val.

The ski area at Sedrun / Oberalp.

5 April 2014

Gemsstock Village Run Now Shut

The village run on Gemsstock has now closed. The snow has been rapidly melting in Andermatt, recently, with very little snow left in the village.

The village run on Gemsstock, when it is covered in snow.

1 April 2014

Could Winterhorn be Reopened and Developed?

Winterhorn was a small skiing area, which was shut down in 2008. Located in Hospental, this mountain was not particularly interesting, but has large potential to be developed, should it reopen.

Winterhorn, as seen from Andermatt.