18 August 2014

New Hydroelectric Power Station to be Built in Realp

A new 17.5 million CHF hydroelectric power station will be built in Realp, a village just a short way down the valley from Andermatt.

Realp, with Hospental, Andermatt, and Nätschen visible behind it, and Gemsstock on the right.

17 August 2014

Ski Season Dates for 2014/15

The scheduled opening times for the 2014/15 ski season have been announced.

Andermatt in the winter.

16 August 2014

Chedi Scheduled to Close for Five Weeks

The Chedi Hotel, which opened last December, is scheduled to close for over five weeks between October and December.

Andermatt in the winter, with the newly built Chedi Hotel.

14 August 2014

Details for the Ski Area Released

Details for the 200 million CHF costing SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun development have been released.

The plans for the ski area.

4 August 2014

How Could the Combined Installation Work on Nätschen?

There are plans to build new ski lifts on Nätschen, including a new gondola from Andermatt to the middle of the mountain, and a combined chairlift and gondola taking skiers all the way to the top. The combined installation may allow Nätschen to stay open for skiers for longer.

The chairlift the combined lift will be replacing.

2 August 2014

Could a Gondola Connect Gemsstock and Nätschen?

The idea of a large gondola connecting Andermatt's two skiing mountains, Gemsstock and Nätschen, was originally on the plans, but large costs and difficult construction mean that it cannot happen. But what would it be like if it were built?

A similar gondola was built in Canada in 2008.