15 November 2015

Welcome to the new Andermatt Gallery

Welcome to the newly revamped Andermatt Gallery. We have a new website URL, and we are combining both of our old websites, as well as creating a new logo and colour scheme.

Our new logo

Towards the end of last year we stopped running both of The Andermatt Gallery websites, and despite our original intentions to resume in February, we never did. Now we have decided to return, and have upgraded everything. Over the coming weeks we will be merging the two websites into this one website, so the news and the galleries will be in a single place.

We aim to have resumed posting full articles at the beginning of 2016, and we may decide to post incomplete articles which were made for 2015, with their original timestamp.

Our new profile icon, which will be primarily used across social media.

Our new logo is our first complete redesign since The Andermatt Gallery first begun, over five years ago. It is also our first logo variant to not feature red, as we believed it was time to create a fresher, more simplistic and modern look. This is the first time the main website has changed its domain.

We hope you enjoy our changes!