2 January 2016

New year for a new Andermatt

2016 is a special year for Andermatt, as it is the first complete year in which there is a new ski lift operating on Gemsstock for 33 years. It is the first complete year that there is a new lift on either Gemsstock or Nätschen for 21 years, and is the first complete year that there is a new lift in the whole ski area for nine years.

How Gemsstock now looks after the transformation.

Welcome back to The Andermatt Gallery, happy new year.

The new chairlift marks the physical start of the expansion and mass renovation of the entire ski area. The first new chairlift on Oberalp / Sedrun also began construction, however it is not ready yet.

This chairlift on Gemsstock replaces the old and unsuitable 2-person chairlift and T-bar, and it runs from the same place as the old chairlift, up to the top of the old T-bar, eliminating the poorly designed uphill exit and horizontal run on exit of the old chairlift.

As with the rest of the Alps, there has been limited snowfall in Andermatt so far this season, and therefore few runs are open at present. Only this chairlift and the 'Sonnen Piste' are open on Gemsstock, while on Nätschen the lower section remains closed, and on Oberalp / Sedrun most smaller runs are not open.

The old lifts it replaces.

Here are pictures documenting the construction of the lift: