28 March 2016

Nätschen lifts close for the last time ever

Today, the Nätschen skiing mountain closed for this ski season, after having had its opening extended due to good snowfall. The closure has meant that the ski lifts have seen their last passengers before being dismantled.

The 2-person chairlift on Nätschen is slow and outdated.

Over the summer, both chairlifts will be controversially be replaced by one 8-person gondola lift, while the Grossboden t-bar is replaced by a 6-person chairlift, and the Dürstelen t-bar is being shortened.

The move to gondolas has been criticised, as gondolas are seen as an inconvenience by many skiers, due to the inability to ski directly onto, and they are instead being used to market the ski area as a 'luxury resort'. The original plans boasted the use of a combined gondola and chairlift for the upper section, however was quietly changed with no explanation. This is especially frustrating for many skiers, who maintain that there is nothing wrong with the existing 4-person detachable chairlift.

There will also be one additional lift on Nätschen, beyond the Grossboden, which will begin the connecting runs with Oberalp. The rest of this will not be completed for the 2017/18. There will be a new chairlift on Oberalp installed over the summer, replacing the Alpsu t-bar.

The first new ski lift was installed last summer, on Gemsstock.

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